About Me

Hey, my name is Fabian! I am a passionate software engineer who likes to think outside the box.

My strengths are the creation of mobile apps, as well as backend solutions. But I have also worked on web and desktop applications.

Through my career in various companies (start-up, agencies, consulting, banks, insurance & medium-sized businesses) I have a great understanding of the different workflows and also typical problem areas of the individual teams.

In my daily work, I will focus at first of all on stable and testable software with a matching architecture. Additionally I bring a good sensitivity for an easy usability for the end users (UX). Improvements of work flows and process automations are also part of my strengths, so that my team and me can focus on the real thing: developing software!



Kotlin, Java, Gradle, Jetpack, Play Store, Play Services, Firebase, Google Pay, AdMob, Android Auto, MapBox, Testing, Material Design, User Interface, User Experience, Room, MVP, MVVM


REST, AWS, Elixir, Python, Debian, DevOp, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MVC, Lambda, GraphQL

Continuous Deployment

GoCD, Jenkins, Bitrise, Versioning, Process Automation, Gradle, Fastlane


Swift, SwiftUI, App Store, Fastlane, MVP, MVVM

Flutter (Hybrid App)

Dart, Material Design, Android, iOS, Web, BLoC

Alexa Skill

AWS, Python, Java, ASK SDK

Own projects

Planning & creation of a community application for Android & iOS.

Kotlin, Java, CI/CD, Google Pay, AdMob, Swift, SwiftUI, Clean Architecture, REST

Planning & creation of a hybrid gas price application for Android & iOS.

Flutter, Dart, Material Design, CI/CD, Android Auto, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Open Source, Github

Planning & creation of a hybrid Android & iOS navigation app.

Flutter, Dart, Material Design, CI/CD, AdMob, REST, Elixir, PhoenixFramework, Python, Google, Firebase, MySQL

Planning & creation of an Android application for live wallpapers.

Java, CI/CD, Material Design, Clean Architecture, Elixir, PhoenixFramework, Python, CI/CD, AWS, Firebase, REST, MySQL

Freelance projects

Bus driver navigation app

12 months
ioki GmbH

Creation of an entirely new Android app. Project use case is a navigation app for bus drivers. I'm worked as the only android developer on this project. The release process is completly automated by Github Actions. Beside the Android basic frameworks like Kotlin, AndroidXt the navigation is build on Mapbox & MapLibre.

Kotlin, Jetpack, Gradle, Sentry, Mapbox, MapLibre, Gradle Version Catalog, Github Actions

Navigation App + Agriculture App

6 months
FLYer Kommunikationsgesellschaft mbH

Consulting & further development of several Android apps of categories navigation and agriculture.

Kotlin, Jetpack, Gradle, Sentry, Android Auto, MapBox, Room

con.tact Community

3 months
con.tact Worldwide Match GmbH

Consulting & further development of an Android community application.

Kotlin, Jetpack, Gradle, Firebase

Whitelabel Insurance Application

6 months

Planning & further development of an Android insurance application.

Kotlin, Jetpack, Gradle, CI/CD, Clean Architecture, REST

Full-Time Employments

Mobile Software Engineer

06/2020 - 09/2021
lyke GmbH, Hanover

HERO - The craftsman software solution

Android, Kotlin, GraphQL, Room, Realm, Scrum

Lead Software Engineer

01/2017 - 05/2020
Smartjobr GmbH, Hanover

Smartjobr - New level of freelance recruiting.

Java, Firebase, Jenkins, REST, Backend, AWS, Python, PostgreSQL, Testing, CI/CD

Software Engineer | IT Consultant

03/2015 - 12/2016
frobese GmbH Informatikservices, Hanover

We are a lean company with a focus on consulting and IT.

Android, Java, iOS, Swift, Elixir

Mobile Application Developer

08/2013 - 02/2015
THIS IS! Digital Media Group GmbH, Hanover

We were a young motivated team and use latest technologies for create new solutions for companies.

Android, Java, REST